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Join our friends and family by letting us know how your experience was. Send us an Email or a hand written testimonial and we will post it here!

My first experience at a chiropractor and they’re fantastic. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, and it’s exciting having a new way to help improve my daily movement! Love the family aspect of the practice. I scheduled an appointment with their new massage therapist and I’m sure it’ll be nothing short of the great experience I’ve had so far with them. Would definitely recommend to family/friends! ~ Alicia L.

I just had my first exam and treatment with Dr. Duggan of Robinson Family Chiropractic, and I highly recommend him for any of your chiropractic needs, whether an acute condition or for health maintenance. Everything was thorough from the intake forms to the exam, and yet, very efficient. I was at ease as soon as I stepped into the comfortable office, and all staff is caring and friendly. Dr. Duggan himself is very approachable while also being professional, detailed, and comprehensive in his work. His adjustments are excellent and for follow up visits he is honest and not at all pushy. 5 stars for my visit - I look forward to going back!! ~ Becky M

5 stars hands down

We meet Dr. Duggan back in 2014. He was our family chiropractor. he even adjusted our first born just 3 days old. Due to us moving way from where he was working we had to say good bye to one of the best chiropractors we have had. To this day we haven’t found anyone to compare to his care. The first thing my husband asks me when ever i try out a new chiropractor (we move a lot) is “is the new chiropractor Duggan good?” And sadly my answer has always been “no, not Duggan good, close but not Duggan good”. If you are able to go in and be adjusted by Dr. Duggan you won’t be sorry. His bedside manners are great, he is thorough with his adjustments, he is knowledgeable answering questions taking the time to teach you tips on things you can do at home for some quick relief, patient and really listens to you and takes into consideration your feedback. 

Yohana R.

Dr. Robinson is THE BEST chiropractor in the Maple Valley area hands down! I have actually worked for a really good chiropractor, so I know an ok adjustment vs. an outstanding adjustment, and Dr. Robinson delivers the very best every time! He and his staff are all so friendly and we always love going in there and being greeted with a smile! He cares about every one of his patients and it truly shows. My husband and our 8 year old daughter see him as well and we all agree he is the BEST! So glad we found this gem right here in Maple Valley!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Allison S.

Dr Robinson is a caring person who is a great doctor

Edward P


Dr. Duggan is nothing but the best!


5 Star Rating

My children and I have been patients of Dr. Duggan for almost eight years. Not only is he a knowledgeable and thorough doctor, he is a caring and compassionate person. I trust him completely with my families care and am so grateful he is here in Maple Valley now.


"Wish we lived closer to be near the Best Chiropractor in town!"

Amy G

This practice is clean, tastefully decorated and the rooms are serene...very relaxing environment! Stephanie is so easy to talk to, almost as if you've known her your whole life. I highly recommend Robinson Family Chiropractic!


Undeniably the greatest chiropractic clinic I have ever been to. Robinson Family Chiropractic is a warm and friendly place. When you are there, you feel like family. Dr. Robinson is very professional and does wonderful work and his wife Stephanie is kind and always make you feel welcome. 

 I would recommend this clinic to anyone.

Kathy H.

5 Star Rating

I cannot say enough about how amazing Dr. Robinson was a big "adjustment" finding a new Chiropractor. I highly recommend his office to anyone looking for a Chiropractor.

Sheila N.

5 Star Rating 

I have been a patient of Dr. Robinson for more than 4 years and would travel to Issaquah (after I moved to Maple Valley) to see him for my chiropractic care. Over the past 40 years, I have seen 12 different chiropractors. Dr. Robinson is far and away the most effective chiropractor that I have experienced...(listens well, is very knowledgeable, uses a variety of techniques as the situation dictates (one size does not fit all), thorough, gentle and effective outcomes.) The bottom line is that I trust him as a health care provider and am very happy that he has opened his practice in Maple Valley.

Dan E.

5 star rating 

This business is new in Maple Valley, but I've seen Duggan for YEARS when he had an office in Issaquah. He is a miracle worker! Worked on me, my folks, my husband, and one of my kids over the years. Got me through a pregnancy injury, a car crash, and just times my neck or hip went out. You will not be disappointed! I'm serious! Doesn't hurt that he is a super nice guy! They make insurance easy and have a couple massage therapists as well. 

Amy  T.

5 star rating

This is my 3rd different chiropractor in the Maple Valley area and Dr. Robinson and the ladies at Robinson Family chiropractic are phenomenal! Finally found our families chiropractor and they are right in 4 Corners :) There are so many chiros in the Maple Valley/Covington area but not a lot for kids. Great adjustment after giving birth to my 3rd baby. Dr Robinson was very thorough and explained everything he was going to adjust and made sure my muscles were worked out too! I took all 3 of my kids (4,2 and 3 weeks old) to be adjusted and they loved it! The ladies at the front desk were especially welcoming and helpful with my kids as each one of us got our adjustment. Go see Dr. Robinson and take your lkids too. 

Allie T.

The BEST chiropractor in the nation - no doubt, if you have a sore back neck (from the computer) or if your CHILD spends too much time looking down at a phone or laptop - get them to Robinson Family Chiropractic! 

Leigh B

"This place is Great! I love the staff."

Steve V.


"#1 Doctor in Maple Valley! He is an incredible healer. I know from experience!"

Nancy G.


"I would like to say that Robinson Family Chiropractor is the place to go. Dr. Robinson is great! He is very informative and tells you exactly the reason why he does what he does. Who knew why I was having pain, not me until I went to go see Dr. Robinson for the first time. Thanks Dr. ! I'll be returning soon. Glad I was referred. I will definitely be referring my friends to you. oh and Mrs. Robinson your definitely a gem as well."

Beth J.

Perfect team!! Best Chiropractor EVER!

My daughter and I were so lucky to have Doc Robinson introduce us to back/neck treatment.

Did you know your kids have “Tech Neck” from looking down at their phones and gaming consoles? 

My daughter is a gamer and seeing Doc Robinson every other week made her neck & back feel so much better! 

She said she felt like walking "on clouds" when leaving :) Wish you had an office in NC!!

He’s a great guy and a miracle worker! His wife is pretty damn awesome too!!!

Big hugs from Ciarra and Leigh